Merge Plan

Numerous models of real estate investments exist. One may invest directly in apartments, commercial units, agricultural land, construction plots, hotel rooms, condo/aparthotels or foreign real estate.

One can also purchase stocks of real estate companies, such as property developers or general contractors, or locate capital in investment funds or structured deposits with underlying real estate investments. And of course it is also possible to invest in commercial real estate like office buildings, warehouses or retail parks.

Specialists from Setanta ASI S.A. subsidiaries assist in and provide the following activities:

For private investors, they help to find attractive properties and assist in the negotiations and purchase process. In case of apartments for lease or commercial units, they also provide property management services – so that an investor does not need to waste time on repairs, finding tenants, payment of real estate charges (electricity, administration, taxes, etc.); thus, the investor can play a very much 'hands off' role when it comes to the supervision of their Polish property investments.

The fee for this service represents excellent value considering the time saved and hassle inherent in managing a property on one's own.

Subsidiaries also intermediate in purchase/sale transactions involving different types of real estate; they also acquire real estate for their own investment portfolio.