About us

Three Pillars of Our Strategy

The Setanta Group holds, directly and indirectly, shares in 19 companies from three areas: real estate, venture capital – dynamically developing small and medium firms, and the renewable energy market (REM). The focus on those areas is to ensure the long-term stable growth of the Group. Our objective is the growth of the groups value of above 20% y/y, at the same time ensuring its security, in particular in periods of economic downturn.

In this context, the real estate sector (services and niche investments) is mostly to provide security. The renewable energy market (REM) is to guarantee above-the-average returns at relatively high risk levels. And the diversified portfolio of venture capital investments in dynamically developing firms from the SME sector is to generate satisfactory rates of return at moderate risk exposure.


The Management Board of the company consists of three members with complementing skills that are necessary at each stage of investment process/to support the organic efforts of each company. Furthermore, the company co-operates with top professionals in selected areas depending on a given project.

Flexibility and Effectiveness

Setanta does not follow any established investment model. In each and every case, our approach is customised, both regarding the terms of investment concerning entry and exit. We attach great weight to the skills and motivation of managers. Our priority is to improve gradually the financial performance of subsidiaries and their ability to pay dividends each year.